GreenCloud Printer is available for download


GreenCloud Printer is our new product, it’s a eco-friendly driver for your printer. It works with all the printers of the market, and you can save paper, ink, and trees by previewing with always the same dialog your printing job.

it’s also a PDF creating tool to replace your existing solution. You can choose in 1 click each page you need to print or not, but it also detects automatically the page with no contents (like when you print a web page, or an email and don’t need the footer and ads following the real content)

but it’s not finished ! it is also a cloud uploader, so you could send directly your new doc to Google Docs, Dropbox, or by email using the internal PDF virtual driver.

it’s a new software, so we need feedback to improve it. you can download and check the video of GreenCloud printer

It’s free and available now !

ObviousIdea and ads,offers and bundle – the truth about the ideal business model.


About 2 or 3 times per week, I receive emails of angry people to tell they don’t like to see ads and offers provided as a bundle with some of ObviousIdea software such as Light Image Resizer, Easy Photo Uploader or PhotoOnWeb.

First of all, we thank the persons e,who takes the time to email us to notify about this, and I m grateful for this, it allows us to remind this is a bad practice. But the truth is we are fully aware about the problem it could cause to some users.

A little bit of history, ObviousIdea is a breakaway company from VSO Software, and I succeed to get the ownership of VSO Image Resizer , PhotoOnWeb, ATOM GPS and GPS Stone because they were not profitable compared to Convert X to DVD

Despite the high volume and popularity of software like VSO Image Resizer ( now Light Image Resizer ), sales doesn’t allow to pay developpers to build new attractive products. The historic business model was to get money for this product thru a “pro” license by displaying a nag screen at every start. But the software itself doesnt contain any limit, no expiration after a trial period, no limitation in the number of runs, no limit in output format, no watermark in output images, and no functions desactivated if you are not using the pro license.

What could be the alternative business models to get revenues ? Advertisement on web site pages could be an option, whatever it’s using Google Adsense program,  it could be with premium sponsor, adult web sites, selected options, but first you need a huge traffic and in the software market it doesn’t fit, as most users will download and use the software without more visits on the publisher’s web site.

I wanted to try the sponsoring with the download which is used by the biggest software company ( see Adobe Acrobat offers, Nero in the past, even Java runtimes used to suggest some different softwares ). the difference with ObviousIdea is still the traffic volume and the access to some premium partners.

If you are teased in this article, I will ask you to continue and share your opinion in our forum ( a good way to be connected with users )

Continue to read on the forum…

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New Facebook resolution images uploader


Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook has been updated to support the new resolution available by default by Facebook new viewer
from 720px  it is now  960px
you can find more information on this article of Mashable

You can download the new Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook which is a maintenance release :

[button link=”″ bgcolor=”#3ba600″ size=”large”]Download Download[/button]

Here a part of the change log

v0.9.9.1 - 2011-08-29
UPDATE: new Facebook image resolution (960 px)
UPDATE: increased image quality
FIX: application crash on close
v0.9.8.4 - 2011-08-26
FIX: selection of default account

Easy Photo Uploader updated to


A maintenance release for Easy Photo Uploader is available.

it’s the version , we know some people complains about updates. but it is required when we detect a problem ( which is not that easy as few people reports about issues or don’t want to help to reproduce the problem )

Facebook api is changing and sometimes things working before doesn’t anymore.

A frequent question is if it is possible to post pictures to a fan page, and from what we are aware it is not possible directly. You need to send picture to your account (personnal ) then, share the album with your fan page.

Download this new version from Facebook uploader page

Download Photo uploader

You can check the complete history change, but basically, it improves the connection to Facebook authentication

It also improve a problem with the link generated by Facebook to open the albums once uploaded.




Tutorial Light Image Resizer


Here is the page to get all your questions about Image Resizer

and you can post your question in the comments



Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook updated


Facebook seems to have updated their api graph again, and you could have this message :

“problem retrieving albums”

you can fix it by downloading the latest version of Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook :

Download  Photo Uploader for Facebook

this update is free of course, and it is highly recommanded to be compatible with Facebook

Don’t forget to follow us on  the new ObviousIdea Facebook fan page.
As usual, we are happy to hear from your, suggesting idea for new features or new program.

We are looking for beta tester using a Google account to upload their pictures ( like Picasa ) for a new software codenamed PhotoLikr – the rating machine , a software to create online gallery where you can challenge your friends to sort your pictures and select the best one.













Image Resizer updated – old VSO alternative to MS PowerToys

Image Resizer

Image Resizer

new Free Light Image Resizer, available for download now, still free and available in a lot of languages. Still a maintenance update based on thousands of users reports to improve some rare case of problems.

Check the list of latest changes of the Image Resizer in this page

You can download Light Image Resizer here , installing the new version will update your existing copy if you have already the product installed.

[button href=”” bgcolor=”#3ba600″ size=”large”]DownloadImage Resizer Download Light Image Resizer[/button]

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook available


Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook helps you to share photo Albums on Facebook  is updated to a new version, controling finely your privacy and uploading batch of pictures easily.

You can download the new version from the product page of Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook.

[button link=”” linktarget=”” align=”” bgcolor=”#00b4ff” size=”large”] FREE Download [/button]

This version history is :

v0.9.3.2 – 2011-04-01
-different crashes fixed

v0.9.3.1 – 2011-03-30
– contains a new exception catcher, to send without any account the log to improve the software

v0.9.3 – 2011-03-22
– Fix- change of developper leader- add multilangage support component- add some translation- remap some links to the new web site Obvious Ideas

You can let your comment in this thread and don’t forget to like ( top right ) our NEW facebook page :

Free Light Image Resizer available for download

Image Resizer

Image Resizer

No rest for Obviousidea, even a sunday ! Thanks to new users feedback and reports, we built a new Free Light Image Resizer, available for download now, still free and available in a lot of languages.

Check the list of latest changes of the Image Resizer software in this page

Light Image Resizer – – Build 2011-03-27
FIX: “Floating point division by zero” error while processing
FIX: Write permission check did not work on some drives, leading to “access denied” error
FIX: “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error could occur if processing was cancelled
FIX: Overwrite prompt failed with an error about missing themes on some systems
FIX: “Profile not assigned” error after a profile has been deleted
FIX: Crash after processing was cancelled
IMPROVED: Only display error message once if writing to registry failed

You can download Light Image Resizer here , installing the new version will update your existing copy if you have already the product installed.

[button href=”” bgcolor=”#3ba600″ size=”large”]DownloadImage Resizer Download Light Image Resizer[/button]

PhotoOnWeb released

PhotoOnweb wall view photo gallery

PhotoOnweb wall view photo gallery

PhotoOnWeb our photo album sharing software and service has been updated to version

it introduces a new gallery viewer named “wall”. it is especially recommanded if you have a large number of pictures ( 300 pictures or more ) as it will display a tiny thumbnail ( enlarged with a lightbox when you move your mouse over it )

it’s a pure javascript rendering, it means it would be compatible with tablets, android, iPhone, iPad.

You can see a complete home-made live sample here :

of course, your suggestions are welcome, and we are working hard to improve in the near future PhotoOnWeb to be an online service to share your photo albums.

Direct download from this page :

[button bgcolor=”#00b4ff” link=”” linktarget=”bew” size=”large”]Download PhotoOnWeb[/button]

Feel free to comment below what you would like to see in the futur version

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