GreenCloud Printer

A new version of GreenCloud Printer is available. A setting has been added to respect the printer’s presets (see Settings > General). GreenCloud will now try to fix broken embedded fonts if possible. And when creating PDF, a prompt will appear to either open the document, or show it in Explorer.

Full changelog: Versionshistorie

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Easy Photo Uploader

We are happy to announce a new major version of Easy Photo Uploader. It has been updated for Facebook’s latest API changes, and is optimized in many aspects to work a lot faster and more stable than any previous version.

Please note that older versions of Easy Photo Uploader (2.x, 1.x) will stop to work in a few weeks, due to the changes in Facebook’s API. If you are still using an old version, please update as soon as possible.

Full changelog: Versionshistorie

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