Live power consumption monitor for your Tapo plugs

Контролируйте энергопотребление, измеряемое вашими разъемами Tapo, в режиме реального времени на вашем компьютере.. TapoPanel отображает текущее энергопотребление и график последних тенденций..

  Windows 8 · 10 · 11
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100% чистый – без рекламы, без шпионских программ, без вирусов

основные функции

  • Currently compatible with these Tapo plugs: P110, P115
  • Customizable font and color
  • Works on Windows 8 и выше
  • More to come


How to get started

  1. Start TapoPanel, then click the Add button to add your first device
  2. Enter the IP address of the device (check the Tapo app to find the IP), and click OK
  3. Next you will be prompted for your Tapo credentials (email and password)
  4. The device should now appear with its status
  5. To add more devices, right-click on TapoPanel and select Add

Tapo is either a registered trademark or a trademark of TP-Link Corporation Ltd. in the United States and/or other countries. This application is not affiliated with TP-Link in any way.