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Atom GPS freeware easily geotags your photos directly from your GPS device or track log. By simply connecting your GPS Device to Atom GPS and selecting your photos you can add their geolocation in one click. This action allows you to write the geolocation data to your photos exifs (information stored about your pictures including date, time and other such information about your photos).  Our free GPS software supports all digital cameras and the most popular GPS devices and GPS log files!

By Geotagging your photos you can sort them by geographic location for easy browsing, and also upload your pictures to Google Earth, Google maps, Panoramio, LOCR, Flickr.

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Key Features

  • Supports many GPS Devices including Wintec, PhotoMate, MainNav, Magelan…
  • Track log files formats supported are: .kml, .gpx, .kmz, .nmea …
  • All digital cameras supported
  • Photo format supported: .jpg, .cr2, .nef … (see below)
  • Recreate your excursions and travel itineraries by geotagging your photos.
  • Google Earth export
  • Languages: english

How it works:

1)  Take pictures at the same time as you have your GPS turned on.

2) Transfer photos to computer and extract GPS log to computer using ATOM GPS freeware (or import .kml, or .gpx if already extracted).

3) In Atom GPS select “write data “, writing geolocation permanently in photo exif meta data.

Photo formats supported:

File Type Description
CR2 Canon RAW 2 (TIFF-based)
CRW, CIFF Canon RAW Camera Image File Format
CS1 Sinar CaptureShop 1-shot RAW (PSD-based)
DCP DNG Camera Profile (DNG-like)
DNG Digital Negative (TIFF-based)
EPS, EPSF, PS [Encapsulated] PostScript Format
ERF Epson RAW Format (TIFF-based)
GIF Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format
HDP, WDP Windows HD Photo / Media Photo (TIFF-based)
ICC, ICM International Color Consortium color profile
JP2, JPX JPEG 2000 image
JPEG, JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group image
MEF Mamiya (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)
MIE Meta Information Encapsulation
MOS Creo Leaf Mosaic (TIFF-based)
MRW Minolta RAW
NEF Nikon (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)
NRW Nikon RAW (2) (TIFF-based)
ORF Olympus RAW Format (TIFF-based)
PEF Pentax (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)
PNG, JNG, MNG Portable/JPEG/Multiple-image Network Graphics
PPM, PBM, PGM Portable Pixel/Bit/Gray Map
PSD PhotoShop Drawing
RAF FujiFilm RAW Format
RAW Panasonic RAW (TIFF-based)
RW2 Panasonic RAW 2 (TIFF-based)
THM Canon Thumbnail (JPEG)
TIFF, TIF Tagged Image File Format
VRD Canon DPP Recipe Data

Download ATOM GPS – it’s Free!

Free geotagging software supporting many GPS devices and various log and track files:

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