Light Image Resizer 6 Beta

After some time without updates we have a beta version for the upcoming Light Image Resizer 6. It has a lot new features that were requested, so feel free to try it if you are interested! Let us know in case you find any problems.

What’s new in version 6

  • Extend to square mode makes the image rectangular by adding blurred content (for Instagram) (sample image)
  • Create animated GIFs from separate images with several transition effects (sample image)
  • Rename action to just rename image files without changing content
  • Manual visual crop for added images (sample image)
  • Background removal (powered by
  • Metadata customization: select which metadata to keep, or remove, or even override (for text based values) (sample image)
  • New collage templates for stunning layouts (sample gallery)
  • …and other improvements

[Full list of changes]

Light Image Resizer 6 (8.3 MB)