GreenCloud Printer update and 1 year activity update

In December 2011 we were happy to introduce a new app GreenCloud Printer, released as a beta, we have been updating it for the last months, and now we have a very reliable application.

greencloud savingThe purpose of GreenCloud Printer is to optimize your existing printer by installing a virtual driver. Instead of printing directly from your text processing, browser, or PDF reader, you can use the GreenCloud dialog to change and optimize your ink usage in 1 click.
If you are a cost-saving hunter, the ink is the most expensive part of printing (whether if it is at home or the office), but on sustainability point of view, saving paper is very eco-friendly, it reduces waste. It also just reduces the frustration to be printing unwanted pages.

We are proud to say our software has been actively used by more than 88 000 users ! who have printed more than 4.4 million pages with our software. We avoided to print at least 282 000 pages (A4 or letter format) and this makes about 1 ton and 400 kgs of pure paper! We feel very happy to see people using the app to also have the relevant data to see how much and where have we helped to save the planet.

It’s not a lot yet, but it is a very good start, that’s why we need you NOW. If you haven’t tried the product, download GreenCloud, there is a free personal home version. If you have used it, whether you liked it or not, please post a few words on our Facebook page to help us to make it better.

If you are working in an association, corporation, university, or education with a lot of users and computers, know that we are opened to discuss a site license as we want to complete our reference list. Just contact us!

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