Light Image Resizer v5 is available

After years of maintenance releases only, there is a brand new major version… called Light Image Resizer 5 !!!
Please note that this upgrade is not a normal update! So it is not free for all existing users. Users of version 4, who bought less than six months ago, can contact the support with their order ID or order email for a free upgrade to v5.
People who lost their old version, please remember to backup your information as we can’t manage so many support emails for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Existing users of Light Image Resizer 4: Claim your rebate on a license upgrade with this link, and enter your existing license key:

To find out what’s new, please check the version history.

Thanks to everyone who supported us! Spread the word about the new version!

Fabrice Meuwissen
CEO ObviousIdea