Happy New Year 2012, what happened for ObviousIdea in 2011 ?

Happy New year 2012

ObviousIdea’s team and myself wish you all the best for 2012, starting with health, love and inspiration. We want to thank all the users and providers which have helped the company to serve you.


ObviousIdea 2011 data in a glance

  •  Created in 2011 as a breakaway from VSO-Software
  •  1.5 Millions unique visitors on obviousidea.com ( according Google Analytics )
  •  More than 6 Millions of download from our own servers.
  • 12500 fans on Facebook.com/obviousidea
  •  Ranked top 40000 site on Alexa in December

It’s a special year for ObviousIdea as the company has been created in March 2011. We didn’t start from scratch as we got the ownership of known software like VSO Image Resizer and PhotoOnWeb, and we got a lot of source code we didn’t promote yet.

We have started and released complete new products, like PhotoLikr, GreenCloud pdf printer, QRCode Magic , and more are coming

in 2012 we will continue to create new products and service for desktop and mobile. We will more actively promote the existing service, and try to engage more users and find talent developers. Our challenge is to get feedback from users, to understand what we need to change and improve, to get more ideas about what to implement. Each comment, even the worst insult is important for us, as it shows we need to work again and again.

Once again, happy new year 🙂

Fabrice Meuwissen, CEO ObviousIdea


ObviousIdea sold his VSO-Software shares – Press release

Toulouse, France, 1st of March 2011
For Immediate Release

Download the pdf version

ObviousIdea! is a new internet company created in 2011 to develop and promote several personal computer software, web services and mobile application for end-users.

After months of discussion, ObviousIdea! is happy to announce the sales of his share in VSO-Software , another software publisher based in Toulouse and providing popular software all over the world.
Why this news is important for ObviousIdea! ? The deal completed today is equivalent to a nice fundraising, but it also allowed acquiring a catalog of existing and popular products from VSO-Software. This database of users and products will help to introduce new projects. “That’s definitely the starting date of this new company, and with this deal I am really confident for the future, as the most difficult task actually is to build a brand and a community of users” says Fabrice Meuwissen, the CEO and Founder of ObviousIdea!, previously shareholder and CEO of VSO-Software.
ObviousIdea! will focus on 3 activities in the next few months:

Fabrice Meuwissen – CEO  Photo © www.beasty-design.com

1 – Promote and develop the acquired catalog of products, mainly oriented to consumers products and photo market, with VSO Image Resizer ( estimated to 500k download per month ), PhotoOnWeb an application and web service to share your photos with family, ATOM Gps and GPS Stone for iPhone are products for geo-tagging pictures and share your itinerary details on Google maps.

2 – Develop new products and service , not limited to end-users.

Some project are still unnder development like Salmon Email Tracking for Outlook a plugin to improve the follow-up of important email exchange, using neuromarketing to improve reply success rate, born during the first Start Up Week end of Toulouse in November 2010.

A cloud product, with a temporary name, www.send-to-my-cloud.com, is actually a personal and private online bookmarking and notes manager, it will be extended in the future version with safe storage getaway to host your files with popular service such Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Google docs.

Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook is a software already public since a few weeks, with more than 3500 fans, which will complete the photo editing and management catalog. Another project codenamed “PhotoLikr” will connect the dots between the different products allowing social rating of pictures whatever the current program you use to manage pictures.

3 – Invest in young startups and new existing companies. “Because I won’t be able to spend all the money available in my only own development, I want to give back to the community and help others, like I would have appreciated to be helped myself”, says Fabrice Meuwissen, “it’s something I am already doing in my town area as a business angel but with the traffic of this new company, I will be able to help both with money and exposure”.

ObviousIdea! promises to be a consumer centric company, it means users will participate actively in the life of products, suggesting new features, deciding where and how to implement the action of the services. “I am sick of all these companies whose support team members don’t even react to suggestions you could make by email, if you are lucky enough to receive a reply …unfortunately.” Says Fabrice. It is something so easy to set up with social networks and specialized tools such as Uservoice. You need to engage the users in all the process of your company if you want to be successful whatever the millions you may have on your bank account. Fabrice Meuwissen is a Usability expert and consultant in Strategic Marketing graduated from the Stanford University in 2010.

But… ObviousIdea! is already facing a challenge, which is to build a larger team of developers ( php, jquery, html5, .net, Delphi ), community manager, and enthousiastic users. New company owner confesses the biggest issue for now will be to recruit to be sure the new projects will be released on time.

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