How to add a watermark to your images

Adding a watermark to your image with Light Image Resizer


After downloading and installing Light Image Resizer, perform the following steps to add a watermark to your images:

  1. Right-click on the pictures you wish to resize (or on a folder to process all the pictures inside). In the context menu choose Light Image Resizer.
  2. Select the Watermark profile, or create a new one from scratch.
  3. Go to Options (left panel), click the tab named Effects, then enable Integrate watermark, and click the Watermark button.
  4. Now the watermark dialog opens, where you can choose between an Image or Text watermark on the corresponding tab.
    • Image watermark:
      Choose an image file by clicking the Select button. The watermark image can be resized using different modes to compensate size differences.
    • Text watermark:
      Enter your text and format it using the available controls. You can also insert file or image based variables (for example EXIF tags) by clicking the Insert tag button () .
  5. If needed, you can change the opacity, position, rotation, and spacing of the watermark.
  6. Click the Preview button if you want to check the result, and hit OK once you are done.
  7. Finally just click Process on the bottom right.