Light Image Resizer – Version History

Light Image Resizer, handy tool to resize or convert photo formats (including RAW)
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Previously known as VSO Image Resizer

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2019-02-05
FIXED: relative font size for watermark text was set too small for large images
FIXED: some compressed Fuji Raw files (RAF) didn’t load correctly in collage mode
FIXED: wrong locale ID set for Georgian translation
IMPROVED: better memory management while processing (should reduce out of memory issues)

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2018-09-04
FIXED: watermark text could be scaled incorrectly when both relative font scaling and word wrap were enabled
FIXED: some panoramic images didn’t load due to unsupported markers
FIXED: auto width/height might have been incorrectly set when switching between profiles
IMPROVED: watermark is applied after other effects to allow adding a border first

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2018-03-27
FIXED: gray border could appear when resizing transparent images
FIXED: if LIR was closed too early while sending email, the email client could become unresponsive
FIXED: sharing violation could occur if some files being processed were read by another application
IMPROVED: add message with option to retry if there is not enough space in the destination

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2018-02-05
NEW: option to scale watermark text relative to image size
FIXED: crash if watermark font size is invalid
FIXED: inconsistency with drag & drop operations
FIXED: loading of monochrome TIFF failed
FIXED: slow processing of multiframe images (TIFF or animated GIF)
FIXED: prompt for mail client could be shown even if email option was not checked
FIXED: application window could appear in the background when launched via some 3rd party file managers
IMPROVED: save size and position of preview window (if enabled in settings)
IMPROVED: fallback to primary language when sublanguage is not available
IMPROVED: don’t apply language change when cancelling settings

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-11-28
NEW: some additional layouts for collage mode
FIXED: crash could occur in some cases when loading failed
FIXED: in some cases an installed email client was not detected
FIXED: loading of WebP images was broken
IMPROVED: try to load embedded JPEG for unsupported RAW files

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-10-24
NEW: extract embedded JPEG for FUJI RAW files (.RAF) that use compression (resolution will be lower than original)
NEW: Samsung RAW files (.SRW) added to supported file extensions
FIXED: processing images with varying color profiles in a row could lead to incorrect results
FIXED: some conversions between color spaces were producing wrong colors
FIXED: IPTC metadata could be added twice in some cases
FIXED: some output format choices could result in the wrong format being used
FIXED: destination for collage could be stuck with a fixed filename when profile was saved
IMPROVED: support unicode filenames when sending email
IMPROVED: prevent creation of 0 byte files when disk is full

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-07-31
FIXED: processing could freeze when preview window was open
FIXED: some TIFF files with unequal DPI values could appear deformed
FIXED: wrong preview could be loaded when navigating in some cases
IMPROVED: skipping through previews is faster now
IMPROVED: less delay when processing is cancelled
IMPROVED: display error details in case loading failed (e.g. “access denied”)
IMPROVED: use name as secondary sort key when sorting by type, size, or date

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-07-12
NEW: background color selection for collage
FIXED: subfolders command line parameter was not handled correctly
FIXED: parsing of subfolders when using wildcards could add files several times
FIXED: background color of watermark text was not applied
FIXED: don’t add temporary profiles to recent list
FIXED: some collage templates were producing the wrong layout in the saved image
FIXED: profile was not cleared in some cases, which could wrongly override parameters from command line
FIXED: wrong image and file size displayed in preview for multi-page images (TIFF)
FIXED: last used profile was not selected correctly in some cases
IMPROVED: expand relative file paths from command line with working directory

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-06-07
NEW: support reading of BigTIFF format
FIXED: application title was incorrectly updated during processing
FIXED: preview windows did not show error if image could not be loaded
FIXED: auto close function was broken
FIXED: main menu had no text in rare cases
IMPROVED: display an error message if files specified in command line are not found
IMPROVED: better documentation for command line usage (see switches.txt)
IMPROVED: use fallback in case image loading fails

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-05-08
FIXED: crash or black output could occur if resizing to very large dimensions
FIXED: crash could occur when closing preview right before image finished loading
FIXED: original preview was not loaded when using Center mode
FIXED: memory leak when watermark text rendering failed
FIXED: Add Border dialog would not accept decimal places if unit was set to percent
FIXED: alignment of watermark text when using rotation
IMPROVED: detect read-only flag of target files

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-03-22
NEW: watermark image can be tiled now (by setting Resize option to Tile)
NEW: transparent background can be selected for Center mode
NEW: add recent profiles to application jumplist
FIXED: rotation for watermark image was broken
FIXED: using Percent with Center mode could result in wrong dimensions
FIXED: output was not centered in Crop mode when source was smaller than target dimensions
FIXED: preview was not refreshed when changing some options
FIXED: error after processing in some cases (Error in OnFinished)
FIXED: sequential number for watermark text was off by 1 (i.e. starting at 2 when supposed to start at 1)
FIXED: processing was slowed down and not working at full performance with lots of files

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-02-13
FIXED: ICO files were loaded without transparency
FIXED: context menu was displayed for some unsupported virtual folders
FIXED: state of auto width/height could be wrong when switching profiles
FIXED: dialog to add images didn’t allow to select multiple files in some cases
FIXED: path auto completion for destination was broken
IMPROVED: better check to avoid parsing of compressed folders (ZIP, CAB)
IMPROVED: include hidden files based on system setting
IMPROVED: recreate folder structure now also works if just one folder was added
IMPROVED: folder name can be specified in filename mask before a backslash (e.g. “subfolder\%F”)
IMPROVED: use new dialog to select folders (similar to files)
IMPROVED: place backup files in a sub-folder named “LightImageResizer_Backups” for more convenience
IMPROVED: better interface scaling for high DPI (esp. 4K monitors)
IMPROVED: limit threads to 8 on auto setting to avoid memory issues

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-01-16
FIXED: preview for TIFF with color profile could show wrong colors
FIXED: empty shell context menu introduced in last version
IMPROVED: synchronize state for shell extension submenu on launch

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2017-01-10
NEW: setting to save window size and position
NEW: option “Fix gamma when resizing” (see Optimization tab), which can prevent images from getting darker
FIXED: images with large color profiles may cause corrupted output
FIXED: wrong color space chosen in some cases
FIXED: selected DPI resolution was not applied for Bitmap output
FIXED: Next button could be at the wrong position
FIXED: additional frames of multi-page TIFF were not added to combined PDF
FIXED: some parts of the interface appeared in black if theming was disabled (classic mode)
FIXED: left main menu could be cut off depending on language and font size
FIXED: unwanted linebreaks were added in rendered watermark text
FIXED: some issues with interface controls on high DPI screens
FIXED: font size in watermark options was not loaded correctly in some cases
FIXED: in some conditions folders pinned to Windows Explorer were opened in Light Image Resizer instead
IMPROVED: rendering of watermark text is a lot faster now
IMPROVED: accept additional files if launched via shell verb
IMPROVED: load and apply color profiles embedded in PNG
IMPROVED: don’t display line break tags (br) in watermark text entry
IMPROVED: adapt offset for watermark text based on font size

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2016-11-17
FIXED: resource leak in thumbnail list caused crashes when a lot of images were added
FIXED: some valid email addresses were not accepted
FIXED: OS version detection could cause crash on startup in rare cases
FIXED: target selection for digital frame mode was not working

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2016-10-21
NEW: more camera related EXIF values for watermark text
FIXED: crash when using Crop mode and wildcard (width or height empty)
FIXED: stretched portrait images when using “Adjust resolution for portrait” option
FIXED: crash when saving large log file on close
FIXED: processed image could have wrong orientation if source was not landscape
FIXED: ICC profile was not copied from TIFF to JPEG, resulting in wrong colors
FIXED: XMP metadata could be corrupted when converting from TIFF
FIXED: certain JPEG images could cause crashes in the file selection dialog (PhotoMetadataHandler)
FIXED: color profile could be added several times in some cases
FIXED: metadata for TIFF files was copied even if those options were disabled
FIXED: dimensions were not applied if specified via command line
FIXED: resizing failed if image type did not match file extension (e.g. PNG with .jpg extension)

Light Image Resizer – – Built 2016-08-19
NEW: redesigned and improved interface
NEW: collage action to create nice photo collages easily
NEW: recently used profiles are displayed on top of the list (can be disabled in settings)
NEW: options to adjust brightness and contrast (see Effects tab)
NEW: colors option to set bit depth for BMP/PNG, and color space for JPEG/TIFF output
NEW: several new tags for watermark text (sequential number, image count, EXIF rating, etc.)
NEW: support for 32bit bitmap (with alpha channel)
FIXED: action “Create PDF” could fail if output format is not JPEG
FIXED: backup files could be deleted/corrupted in certain cases (for example if not enough space)
FIXED: status display issue when processing files again
FIXED: watermark text might select wrong font when using font name with spaces
IMPROVED: overall performance improved
IMPROVED: downsizing of large images to half size (or lower) should work better
IMPROVED: lots of other optimizations and improvements

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