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Posted on Facebook wall, 28th of December 2011
Ulf Gruber
i like the image resizer….the last years i worked with fotosizer….now i deleted fotosizer….thanks…..

Received by Email, 3rd of February 2012

a nice tool to re-size multiple images quick and easily with multiple options for deciding the final output from the defaults built in and being able manually adjust the sizes as required in either percent, pixels, or inches. makes the task of resizing photos for email quick and painless task. also like the additional features to tweak the image colors with the sepia effect and having the options to easily apply custom watermarks and borders to my images.
John O. S , cork, Ireland

Received by email, the 17th of March 2012

 I already use the VSO Image Resice since a long time ago. I use this to optimice the size of the images of all my webs and economice a lot of space and bandwith.

My webs have literaly millons of hits, then a simply one kB of size can economice you GB of Bandwith every mont.

Only the top right corner of the web
(a image of 800 bytes) use 1 Gb of bandwich every month. Then Optimice the size of the images of you web is a Very Very Importante Point to make the web Quick and to Save your money in the Bandwith.

 A Big Hug! Rev. Dr. Ignacio Glez.

Another great use by Schoolzine clients from Australia, Nick Aitkin, Head of production, received the 23rd of February 2012

 The light image resizer has been a valuable tool for over 200 Schoolzine clients. We required a program that could process batches of images easily to specific dimensions with out compromising the images quality. The user friendly interface allows our users with minimal computer knowledge to process large amounts of images with a few simple clicks.

Received by email the 19 of April 2012

Thanks for an awesome product! I had to purchase simply to support it’s development :)

It’s about the quickest and simplest tool I’ve used for image resizing and compression. We are a photography business, and as such each photo shoot is uploaded to personal galleries for our clients. Light Image Resizer is already saving us over 8-10 minutes per job over our previous workflow. THANKS!

PS I found you through a Google search for ‘Image Resizer’.

All the best, and thanks again :)

Grant – Operations Manager – Angela Hawkey Photography – Brisbane Australia –

ObviousIdea and ads,offers and bundle – the truth about the ideal business model.

About 2 or 3 times per week, I receive emails of angry people to tell they don’t like to see ads and offers provided as a bundle with some of ObviousIdea software such as Light Image Resizer, Easy Photo Uploader or PhotoOnWeb.

First of all, we thank the persons e,who takes the time to email us to notify about this, and I m grateful for this, it allows us to remind this is a bad practice. But the truth is we are fully aware about the problem it could cause to some users.

A little bit of history, ObviousIdea is a breakaway company from VSO Software, and I succeed to get the ownership of VSO Image Resizer , PhotoOnWeb, ATOM GPS and GPS Stone because they were not profitable compared to Convert X to DVD

Despite the high volume and popularity of software like VSO Image Resizer ( now Light Image Resizer ), sales doesn’t allow to pay developpers to build new attractive products. The historic business model was to get money for this product thru a “pro” license by displaying a nag screen at every start. But the software itself doesnt contain any limit, no expiration after a trial period, no limitation in the number of runs, no limit in output format, no watermark in output images, and no functions desactivated if you are not using the pro license.

What could be the alternative business models to get revenues ? Advertisement on web site pages could be an option, whatever it’s using Google Adsense program,  it could be with premium sponsor, adult web sites, selected options, but first you need a huge traffic and in the software market it doesn’t fit, as most users will download and use the software without more visits on the publisher’s web site.

I wanted to try the sponsoring with the download which is used by the biggest software company ( see Adobe Acrobat offers, Nero in the past, even Java runtimes used to suggest some different softwares ). the difference with ObviousIdea is still the traffic volume and the access to some premium partners.

If you are teased in this article, I will ask you to continue and share your opinion in our forum ( a good way to be connected with users )

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