Neuromarketing in disney

Neuromarketing in disney

You wonder what is the relationship with this article title and ObviousIdea ? it’s because of one of our current Emoscale project is about Neuromarketing, we found this exclusive article to illustrate what we could do in the future with a case of a company every knows and which would benefits of Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing in Disney

The Disney brand is one of the most recognisable in the world. Millions upon millions of people worldwide turn into children at the mere sight of Mickey Mouse ears. The Disney marketing machine is so encompassing that they have created their own universe in which their products and their message lives. It is not surprising that the entertainment giant appeals to all of our senses.
With such a large, varied empire Disney can bombard the senses in relentless fashion. The films, the songs and the theme parks. By appealing to the whole range of emotions, Disney can implant themselves in the psyche of the public. The most obvious senses that are appealed to are seeing and hearing. Disney’s success spawned from the cartoon and film industries. Children and adults alike where charmed by their simplistic yet charmingly intelligent comic adventures.

Total Sensory Bliss

The medium in which Disney best penetrates all of the senses is the theme park. Here they can physically create their own world, manipulate the surroundings and therefore manipulate their guests reactions. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are all appealed to. Nothing is left to chance and every minute detail has been carefully considered. For a location that aims to create a multitude of reactions and feelings, careful planning is paramount to avoid clashing and confusing.

Furthermore, as the audience of Disney theme parks is so wide and so varied, the parks have to be careful in their strive not to alienate anyone. Each demographic and individual react differently to every sensory sensation so there is a constant battle to appeal to as many people as possible. Strict research and development is undertaken by the marketing department at Disney into people neurosis to discover commonly appealing patterns, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings.

Disney Smells

By creating ‘Disney Smells’ the parks can delve into the guests subconscious and remain there long after their departure. Making strong, distinctive smells, Disney furthers each ride and areas individual personality and character. Creating an all encompassing experience makes it all the more impressive, enjoyable and awe-inspiring during the visit.

For example: many of the Pirates of the Caribbean rides throughout the different Disney parks all over the world share a distinctive scent. A slightly muggy and warm smell is created to add to the feigned authenticity of the experience.

Every area of each of the parks is represented by their own distinctive smell. Main Street USA is the first area that you approach upon entering five of the Disney parks across three continents and all share the distinctive welcoming smell of Vanilla.

As well as making the experience more enjoyable and involving at the time, the distinctive smells stick with guests for a long time. One of the marketing teams most intelligent moves was making the smells possible to replicate. Many people will then experience these scents after their trip to a Disney park and there mind may well be momentarily transported back. If the people realise where the smell is from, they may be urged to return. Even though there is a leap of faith from implanting the smell in an individuals memory bank to repeat custom, Disney never leave a stone unturned in terms of captivating their audience.


Many of the Disney parks are in areas with very hot climates such as Florida and California. At times these conditions and climates can become very uncomfortable. Rather than being deterred by this or trying to alleviate the problem completely, Disney use it to their advantage perfectly. The best example would be the timing and placing of the air conditioning. Many of the guests in the Floridian park enter on the monorail. The stations that serve this monorail are only slightly conditioned. This leaves

the guests still warm and in some cases uncomfortable. However the moment that they step onto the actual train, the strong air conditioner hits. Refreshing them instantly and signifying their ascent into the Disney park and a completely different world. The relief amongst the guests is palpable and the spirit is improved even before crossing the threshold into the park.

There are many places inside the parks that provide the guests with an escape from the heat, since it can be a very long and hot day for the family from the moment they get out of the vehicle they picked up from the people carrier hire lot until they return. The queue lines are often internal or covered to protect people lining up from the glaring sun. Each area always has a number of internal attractions for the same reason. Also, there are a lot of places where guests can rest, eat or use the WiFi to scour the internet for news from home, plans for the rest of the holiday or broadband packages.


Disney have a rich musical history. The tones and notes that children and adults know and love prevail all around the parks. From the elegant strains of Cinderella’s castle to the annoying theme from Its a Small world, the music penetrates the minds of all who hear it.
Disney forged its reputation as one of the powerhouses in modern entertainment and business through skilled film making. It is currently consolidating that position through clever all encompassing, consuming marketing for every senses.

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Written by Eve Pearce for Obviousidea