GreenCloud printer, January 2012 stats

GreenCloud printer is the latest ObviousIdea’s app, and we are proud of it. The green pdf software is available to download since the end of December. Therefore, we have at least one full month ( january 2012 ) to make a first list of the statistic data.

greencloud savingGreenCloud printer usage In January 2012 :
‘k’ means you need to multiply by 1000 to get the exact total.

116k pages printed. In average, the printed document has 2,7 pages
15k pages not printed
2k pages sent by email
8k users ran the software 1 time
5,6k users used the software several times in the month.

91% of print jobs are really printed to a physical printer
7% of print jobs are saved as PDF format.

59% of sessions are 1-page-only job, but it represents only 24% of the volume of total paper printed.

The documents of more than 10 pages represents 28% of pages

11% only of sessions are forced in Black&White
10% of sessions use the n-up ( print several pages side by side on the same face of the sheet papers )

Despite nearly 60% of printers reports to be able to do 2-side printing, only 6% of people select this option.

General Data conversion ( things you need to know to convert the data into more “real world” unit)

Average cost of a printed sheet with inkjet printer : 0.12€

A typical paper rearm in real world conversion.

1 Paper Rearm = 500 sheets of paper = 2,5 Kg  = cost in paper 4€ = Cost in ink  60€ = Cost in Tree  6%  = 10L of water to produce it

Source Easytri , LesNumériques


It’s only the first month, but there is already interesting trends. Some options aren’t used a lot ( 2-side, B&W ) despite it is activable in 1 click in the main screen. It means some ergonomic maniac could find some tips to improve this over the time and the next version. The software hasnt been heavely promoted yet, and hasn’t yet promoted by French organization such as ADEME

Continue to discuss about it and see some tips in our forum





GreenCloud Printer is available for download

GreenCloud Printer is our new product, it’s a eco-friendly driver for your printer. It works with all the printers of the market, and you can save paper, ink, and trees by previewing with always the same dialog your printing job.

it’s also a PDF creating tool to replace your existing solution. You can choose in 1 click each page you need to print or not, but it also detects automatically the page with no contents (like when you print a web page, or an email and don’t need the footer and ads following the real content)

but it’s not finished ! it is also a cloud uploader, so you could send directly your new doc to Google Docs, Dropbox, or by email using the internal PDF virtual driver.

it’s a new software, so we need feedback to improve it. you can download and check the video of GreenCloud printer

It’s free and available now !