How to create Animated GIFs

Creating animated GIFs with Light Image Resizer


After downloading and installing Light Image Resizer, perform the following steps to create an animated GIF:

  1. Start by adding the images you want to include in your animated GIF (skip if you already added images via the context menu integration). Click the corresponding buttons to add either Files, or a whole Folder. Then click Next >.
  2. Go to Options (left panel), select the Animated GIF profile, and adjust dimensions if necessary (default size is 800 pixels). Also note you can change the destination filename and location.
    Note: By default, the GIF animation will be saved in the folder of the first source image. If you want to change the location, click the folder button and select the output folder.
  3. Under Advanced on the GIF tab, you can change the Display interval, Transition, and Background color (used in case there are transparent images or different orientations).
  4. Once all is set, click on Process, and wait while the GIF is generated. Depending on your system and the selected options, this may take a while (usually just a few seconds per image).